Saturday, 21 June 2014

British Georgian Tea Party

Press Release
Strong Voices Together at Tbilisi National Library

The Northern Georgian Society, Yorkshire UK, is delighted and honoured to bring you a fusion of Georgian and UK culture at an English Tea Party from 7.45pm, July 2 2014, in the Great Hall of Tbilisi's National Library.

The Northern Georgian Society has been bringing Georgian artists to the UK for more than five years. We have also organised school exchanges, hosted art, literary and musical events in the UK and Georgia, building bridges between two ancient, and strong-minded cultures with the values of tolerance, inclusion, dignity, integrity and open-mindedness.

It is from this spirit of inclusion that we bring together Georgian and UK artists, writers, free thinkers, singers, poets, spiritual, political and social leaders to act as advocates for positive change, coming together to share their work, ideas and visions for the future. Our guests will present their thoughts and feeling about cultural matters linking Georgia and the UK over fragrant English tea and delicious cake, against the stunning backdrop of the Great Hall of Tbilisi's National Library.

Each segment of the evening will be themed, the first being, ‘History & Culture’ the second,  ‘Women’s Voices’ and the  third, ‘Evolution & Transformation’.
The evening will begin with a welcome by Sarah Cobham, director of The Northern Georgian Society.

Other speakers and performers include;
The Anchiskhati Choir, from Tbilisi City Hall, the former Vice Mayor of Tbilisi Sevdia Ugrekhalidze and Nino Mataradze the Head of the Department of International Relations. Archbishop Merab, Bishop Michael and his wife Eirlys, all representing the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia.  The eminent Ethnographer and Director of the Lidbashi Union, Madona Chamgeliani. The Women’s Choir Sathanao. Mariam Velijanashhvili , neurologist, lecturer at TSU, Secretary General of Georgian National Association for Palliative Care and International Expert in Palliative Care. Founder of The Sun Festival and photographer Anna Goguagdze.  Feminist Activist Natia Gvianishvili, Ani Chankotadze, Professor Tamar Tsopurashvili from Ilia University. Mztamze Women’s Choir, Georgian Artist Vano Abuladze , Ekaterine Gejadze from Women’s Fund in Georgia (WFG) , The Director of the Art Factory Tbilisi, Great Ere Director for Action Global Communications and Implementer of the EU viability project Let’s Meet Europe Maiko Chitaia  and International journalist and writer, Will Dunbar.

Presentations will take the form of traditional song, dance, poetry, arts presentations, and speeches. There will also be plenty of time to meet new friends and chat over tea and cakes provided by  Eliso Sarava.

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